queen b. sweets / n. 

1. is a baking biz that puts a unique spin on simple favorites.

2. we don't do fancy cakes or cupcakes, we don't make captain america or tito's bottles edible.

3. the only thing we frost are ourselves.

4. that sort processed shit ain't our bag/container/platter baby.

5. find us for what we are known for: our JOIA cookies.

6. this is the cookie you want to roll up to da club/da baby shower with.

7. JOIA cookies will wanna be your lover, just friends, and everything in between.

8. scroll through our qbs dictionary to educate yourself on wtf a JOIA cookie is. 

JOIA cookies / n. / adj.

1. a fully baked cookie.

2. a cookie-dough-ish tasting cookie.

3. adorned with sea salt.

4. one-of a kind.

5. highly addictive, merchants beware.

6. often compared to narcotics.

7. say no to drugs, not cookies.

8. named after their creator.

9. no one knows what her name means either, but it's provocative.

flavor flavs:

or-rig-in-nelly / qbs.

1. first of it's name.  

2. semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

3. og.

em-min-em / qbs.

1. close to our og.

2. very, very colorful by way of candy.

3. don't ever miss us like can-day.

fun-fetti-wap / qbs.

1. for non-chocolate loving weirdos.

2. it's not right, but it's ok, we will make it any way.

3. rainbow sprinkles.

or-ree-oh-noh / qbs.

1. duh.

2. crushed cookies.

3. asses down; most popular, prom queen, and validictorian.

pbc / qbs.

1. peanut butter cup FANatics; rejoice.

2.  true story; i'm addicted to peanut butter cups. 






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